chapter 1:

the perfect party game

welcome to a new era of crafting conversations. welcome to sips & stories. 

(remember, drinks are optional but fun is guaranteed) 

what’s in the box?

100 amusing prompts across two categories - 'who's most likely to’, and 'buzz or brave’

what’s different? 

  • no westernised shit- 100% indian. 100% relatable. 100% fun. 
  • no awkward prompts- we guarantee you wouldn’t want to skip any card- unless you are playing with your grandparents

what do i do with it?

perfect for any social gathering- be it with friends, cousins, or colleagues (well maybe don’t invite your boss)

want to know more?

who’s most likely to:

it’s no rocket science and the game is literally what it says- stop overthinking. 

you read a prompt, the group then decides who is most likely to do what’s written and give him/her that card. the one with the most # of cards at the end is the winner- the most entertaining of all, the most fun of all, the real funpreneur. 

vote on the juiciest prompts, expose the real MVPs of questionable decisions, put all debates to rest by spilling the tea, and let the stories begin!

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buzz or brave:

will you text your boss and ask for a sick leave, dance fearlessly to cringe-worthy tunes, summon the courage to reach out to your long-lost school crush? or will you sit back, opt for a drink and watch as your friends take on the challenges? the choice is yours, but beware: the line between the two can thin. 

so grab your favorite drink, prepare for laughter and unforgettable moments, and let the stories begin!

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have some doubts?

where all can i play this?

wherever you can take a sip and tell a story. it’s perfect for your nextsleepover with BFFs, houseparty, office-party, family get togethers (cool cousins only)

is it appropriate to play with parents? 

well we haven’t yet had the guts to try it with our parents. maybe you can try and let us know? 

what is the return policy?

return? :( did we mess it up? please write to us at and we will help you out.

is it only for 18+?

well we are gen-z- we don’t discriminate on the basis of age (we are not ageists)- but your parents might be. so we prefer you are 18+

what’s the minimum # of people you need to play the game?

what’s the minimum number of people to form a group? 3?

is it a drinking game? are drinks compulsory?

you do not need drinks to have fun. but they may help. we call it a party game but doesn’t take much to turn it into a drinking game.

how long does a typical game last?

maybe one day. just kidding- you can’t put a timer on stories, that’s very personal. but if it helps, we do know how long the memories will last- forever

can i buy the games individually?

maybe one day :)

is there an expansion pack? 

maybe one day :)

can i customise the game as per my group?

maybe one day :)

can i buy it as a gift for someone?

maybe one day- haha just kidding. go ahead. drop us an e-mail if you want us to add a special note or gift wrap it.

can’t find the answer to your question above?

write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. we typically reply in a few minutes if the sale has not been made, and few months if the sale has been made.

just kidding, we are always on our phones and will get back to you asap. 

too cool for e-mails? hit us up at on instagram and we will get back to you.